The Economic Crisis & Left Responses conference was convened by Marxist-Humanist Initiative on November 6, 2010 at Pace University in lower Manhattan. The conference was conceived as a way of promoting critical discussion of both the Left’s theories of the recent crisis and recession and the practice that flows from these theories. This page brings together a variety of materials with the intention of extending and deepening the dialogue opened at the conference.

“Economic Crisis Conference Featured Wide Participation and Debate”

This piece, which appears in MHI’s online publication, With Sober Senses, provides a succinct overview of proceedings and draws out the main theoretical controversies that emerged at the conference. A paper that argued that it was not the case that workers’ share of income fell, causing the rate of profit to rebound after the early 1980s, and the issue of “consciousness raising” were particularly controversial. Click here to view “Economic Crisis Conference Featured Wide Participation and Debate.”

Conference Program

Click here to view the Conference Program. It provides links to speakers’ biographies, abstracts, and draft papers posted prior to the conference.

Conference Papers

Click here to view papers prepared for the conference. Some of the papers include material that was not presented at the conference due to time constraints.

Conference Video




MHI makes these videos available free of charge to stimulate the widest possible discussion, but we need your help to continue providing resources like this. Monetary contributions may be made through PayPal below. If you would prefer to send a check or money order, click here for more information.

Network for the Circulation of Theoretical Struggles

At the conference, MHI made a proposal for the formation of a Network for the Circulation of Theoretical Struggles. For the Left to be prepared for what may happen and prepared to respond effectively, activity and organization will not be enough. We also need the organization of thought — and that is why we have proposed the formation of an international Network for the Circulation of Theoretical Struggles. Click here for more information on the proposed network.

Join the Discussion

In order to facilitate further dialogue, we have dedicated a space on our online publication, With Sober Senses, for comments on conference presentations and discussion. We hope to have wide-ranging dialogue on these topics, not only so that all views can be heard but, above all, so that we can test different ideas in debate and work out answers to the questions we face at this moment. Click here to read comments and leave a comment of your own.

November 19, 2010