“Envisaging Socialism”—Zoom Roundtable Discussion, March 25

by MHI

On Saturday, March 25, a Zoom panel discussion on “envisaging a socialism for the 21st century” will be streamed live on Facebook, starting at 14:00 GMT (10 am EDT). The central topic will be whether socialism—understood as a cooperative, egalitarian, and democratic way of organizing society—remains a viable political project.


The panelists will include most of the contributors to the special issue, on the same topic, that was published last month in the Journal of Global Faultlines. The journal’s editor, Bülent Gökay, will serve as chair and moderator.

The discussion, which is scheduled to be two hours’ long, will be streamed live to https://www.facebook.com/groups/envisagingsocialism. Questions from the online audience can be posed in the “chat.” The event will also be recorded, so that people can view it and share it afterward.

Andrew Kliman, a Marxist-Humanist theorist and economist, will be among the panelists. His paper in the journal’s special issue discusses what Marx’s Critique of the Gotha Program says about the revolutionary transformation of capitalism into communism. In his introduction to the special issue, Nick Rogers wrote that the Critique of the Gotha Program “has been object of innumerable lazy misinterpretations that have allowed socialist thinkers to assert that ‘socialism’ is virtually anything they say it is[, but] Kliman’s clear and rigorous exposition cuts through a century and a half of obfuscation.”

In addition to Gökay, Rogers, and Kliman, panelists will include: Edoardo Bellando, Pamela Fitzpatrick, Will McMahon, Nicholas Mwangi, Michael Roberts, Noah Tucker, and Darrell Whitman.

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