[Added Jan. 19, 2014: Blip has deleted this and countless other videos. We are trying to recover it.]

The Economic Crisis & Left Responses was convened by Marxist-Humanist Initiative on November 6, 2010 at Pace University in lower Manhattan. Panel 1 features Brendan Cooney, Roslyn Bologh, Richard Wolff, Andrew Kliman, and Ray McKay (chair). Panel 2 features Paul Mattick, Walter Daum, Mac Intosh, and Brendan Cooney (chair). Panel 3 features Barry Finger, Anne Jaclard, Fred Moseley, Mike Dola (closing remarks), and Walter Daum (chair). Click here for the conference program, which includes links to speakers’ biographies, abstracts, and draft papers posted prior to the conference. Many of the papers prepared for the conference are now available online. Click here to view conference papers.

In order to facilitate further dialogue, we have dedicated a space on our online publication, With Sober Senses, for comments on conference presentations and discussion. We hope to have wide-ranging dialogue on these topics, not only so that all views can be heard but, above all, so that we can test different ideas in debate and work out answers to the questions we face at this moment. Click here to read comments and leave a comment of your own.

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November 14, 2010