Ep. 57: Rittenhouse Goes Unpunished; Arbery’s Murderers and Charlottesville
Organizers Do Not

The co-hosts welcome Ron E. Turing, author of “Rittenhouse Verdict: Vigilante Violence against BLM Goes Unpunished” and a participant in the Kenosha protests that demanded justice for Jacob Blake, as well as Anne Jaclard, MHI’s organizational secretary and a legal analyst. They discuss the trials in Kenosha, Charlottesville, and Brunswick, Georgia. Turing also provides a firsthand account of the situation in Kenosha on the evening before Kyle Rittenhouse killed two protestors and wounded a third.

Issues addressed in the discussion include: Rittenhouse’s outrageous claim of “self-defense,” how the right wing’s perversion of the concept of self-defense threatens us, and how we can respond; the bias of the presiding judge, Bruce Schroeder, and his role in letting Rittenhouse go unpunished; whether the verdict in Kenosha will intimidate potential participants in Black Lives Matter and left protests; whether the verdicts in the Arbery and Charlottesville trials will slow the emboldening of racist vigilantes; and what lessons we can learn from these three trials.

Plus current-events segment: Supreme Stench––the Court’s right-wing majority prepares its overthrow of a half-century of abortion rights.

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December 10, 2021

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