Video: Documentary film: “Raya Dunayevskaya: Biography of an Idea”

MHI is happy to distribute this documentary film by Alex Fletcher.  It explores many major concepts of the philosopher, activist, and feminist Raya Dunayevskaya, who developed Marxist-Humanism over much of the last century, up until her death in 1987.  The 79-minute film contains rare video clips of her speeches and offers glimpses of material in her archives, housed at Wayne State University’s Labor History Library.

Fletcher wrote, directed and produced the film in 2012, in the wake of Occupy Wall Street. The film also includes his interviews of members of MHI who belonged to Dunayevskaya’s organization during her life.

A review and trailer appear in “With Sober Senses” here.

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  1. The link is working now. We hope you enjoy the film!

    We send our good wishes to the freedom movement in Hong Kong, now suffering severe repression. Please send us an article if you can.


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