Episode 100: ChatRFH—Special 100th-Episode Zoom Chat!

Radio Free Humanity celebrates its 100th episode with a two-hour Zoom chat between participants and the co-hosts. Anne Jaclard, organizational secretary of Marxist-Humanist Initiative, welcomes everyone to the broadcast. She then reads out participants’ chat questions and comments as well as greetings from former RFH guests, and Brendan and Andrew respond. In this wide-ranging chat, the co-hosts and participants discuss a variety of political and philosophical topics—the war against Ukraine, left politics, Trumpism, pseudo-anti-imperialism, post-truth, the negation of the negation, freedom, and more—as well as the origin story of RFH and the upcoming class series on Grossman’s breakdown theory that Andrew will lead.

You can listen to the audio version of ChatRFH broadcast here. The video version is on YouTube.

Radio Free Humanity is a podcast covering news, politics and philosophy from a Marxist-Humanist perspective. It is co-hosted by Brendan Cooney and Andrew Kliman. We intend to release new episodes every two weeks. Radio Free Humanity is sponsored by MHI, but the views expressed by the co-hosts and guests of Radio Free Humanity are their own. They do not necessarily reflect the views and positions of MHI.

We welcome and encourage listeners’ comments, posted on this episode’s page.

Please visit MHI’s online print publication, With Sober Senses, for further news, commentary, and analysis.

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September 14, 2023

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