Episode 19: Spanish Edition of “Reclaiming Marx’s ‘Capital’”––Interview with Translator

The co-hosts interview Guillem Murcia López, a translator of the just-published Spanish edition of Andrew’s book Reclaiming Marx’s “Capital’: A Refutation of the Myth of Inconsistency. They discuss the book’s political and intellectual relevance to Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, the work involved in translating it and securing its publication in Spain, the phenomenon of academics building their careers around their own clever “corrections” of Marx, and more. Later in the interview, Brendan has Andrew explain how the temporal single-system interpretation of Marx’s value theory eliminates the theory’s alleged internal inconsistencies.

In the current-events segment, the co-hosts discuss US Explodes with Protests over Police Murder of George Floyd. This new MHI editorial argues that the mass interracial uprising shows that the cops aren’t invincible, and that police rioting has radicalized a whole generation within a week.

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June 5, 2020

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