Episode 29: Kenya’s Response to COVID-19 (contrasted to that of Trumpist USA)

The co-hosts and Anne Jaclard interview Dr. Pauline Muchina, author of “Please Aid Kenyan Children & Women Facing COVID-19, Floods, Locusts.” Although Kenya is much poorer than the United States, and corruption remains rampant there, the death rate from COVID-19 in Kenya is only two percent of the US rate. Muchina accounts for this difference by discussing how the government, the public, and civil-society organizations in Kenya have responded to the pandemic. During the interview (recorded on Sept. 11), the participants also discuss Kenya’s other social and economic problems (debt, ethnic violence, land distribution, etc.) and the response to COVID-19 in neighboring African countries.

Dr. Pauline Muchina is recognized as one of the world’s foremost female religious leaders. A native of Kenya’s Rift Valley Province and founder of the African Women & Youth Initiative (a design company that produces handicrafts for the global market), she currently serves as the American Friends Service Committee’s policy, education, and advocacy coordinator for Africa.

In this episode’s current-events segment, the co-hosts discuss the impending US elections, with special emphasis on turnout mobilization and voter-suppression efforts in the key swing state of Pennsylvania.

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October 24, 2020

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