Episode 37: AOC’s Well-Being vs. Greenwald’s Sexist, Red-Brown Politics

Anne Jaclard of Marxist-Humanist Initiative and the co-hosts defend Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s video on the Trumpites’ fascistic Capitol Insurrection, and AOC’s refusal to collaborate with Ted Cruz, against Glenn Greenwald’s sexist, red-brown attack on her (starting at 11:17 here). Much of the discussion focuses on Greenwald’s presumption that women who suffer no physical injury haven’t been harmed, and on the desire to unite “the left” and “the right” that underlies his rant. Limitations of other criticisms of Greenwald from the left are explored, and Jaclard raises the issue of why––over 50 years after “second-wave” feminism emerged––misogyny remains pervasive within “the left,” and what to do about that.

Articles by the following authors, on the controversy and related matters, are cited during the discussion: Lichi D’Amelio (Jacobin); Jill Filipovic (Substack); Jeet Heer (The Nation); Eric Levitz (New York magazine); Seren Morris (Newsweek); and Ashley Reese (Jezebel).

In the episode’s current-events segment, Brendan and Andrew discuss the implications of the Senate’s refusal to convict Trump of inciting the Capitol insurrection, and the efforts of the government and others to fight white-supremacist terrorism.

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February 20, 2021

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