Episode 55: “Both Sides” Now: What’s Happened to the Alt-Right?

Brendan and Andrew interview Davis Matthias-Foster, a young Marxist-Humanist and intrepid alt-right watcher, about his recent article, “The Threat from the Far Right, Post-Trump.” Matthias-Foster explains why his initial attraction to Marxist-Humanist Initiative stemmed from its position on Trumpism and the far right, which differs markedly from dominant attitudes on “the left.” He then brings us up to date on the politics and fortunes of leading alt-right figures––such as Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch (Mike Peinovich), and Nick Fuentes––a task that deplatforming has made increasingly difficult. He and the co-hosts discuss the paradox that, even as the alt-right has suffered blows in the wake of its murderous Charlottesville rally in 2017, many of its ideas and attitudes now permeate the mainstream Republican Party. They also discuss the emergence of Qanon, its ties to the alt-right, and how its growth has affected pre-existing conspiracy-mongers like Alex Jones.

The episode’s current-events segment focuses on the causes and significance of the Democrats’ loss in the Virginia gubernatorial election. Commentary by Paul Heideman (Jacobin) and Amanda Marcotte (Salon) is referred to in the discussion.

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November 12, 2021

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