Episode 6: The Uprising in Lebanon

The co-hosts interview Jade Saab, a Lebanese-Canadian Ph.D. student and author of “Uprising in Lebanon Aims to Replace Entire Political System,” published last month in With Sober Senses. Saab provides us with an update on the state of revolt since his article was published and engages in additional reflections on the uprising and its trajectory.

Some of the issues discussed in the interview are: the roots and causes of the continuing uprising in Lebanon; the movement’s demands; the social composition of and differences within the movement; and the directions in which Lebanon might go if the revolt succeeds in overturning Lebanon’s current political system, based on power-sharing among religious sects. Is an emancipatory direction possible?

In the current-events segment, the co-hosts discuss Sacha Baron Cohen’s forceful and viral critique of the “ideological imperialism” practiced by Mark Zuckerberg and the other “high-tech robber barons” who control social media.

To follow events in Lebanon, Jade Saab recommends the following English-language electronic sources:

The Daily Star (daily newspaper);
Al-Nahar (daily newspaper with an English-language site);
Executive-magazine (focuses on economic and business issues);
English-language Instagram page of Megaphone (independent news outlet; provides daily updates on the uprising);
The Lebanese Politics Podcast (a weekly podcast).

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December 6, 2019

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