Episode 93: The Ongoing Crisis and Protests in Israel (interview with Avishai Green)

Brendan and Andrew welcome back Avishai Green, political science doctoral candidate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They discuss the Israeli government’s proposed “judicial reforms” and the massive, continuing protests against them, in which Avishai has been a participant. He outlines the features of the proposed “reforms,” discusses their anti-democratic implications, and explains why Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu supports the “reforms” and why various other right-wing forces do so. He and the cohosts then discuss the protests against the “reforms”—their size, breadth, and persistence; their political character; the concern for the Israel’s democratic character amid military occupation of the West Bank and the second-class citizenship of Israeli Arabs; and more. Finally, they discuss whether any resolution of the current crisis is in sight.

Standing Together, a progressive grassroots organization, is cited during the segment.

Plus current-events segment: the jury finds that Donald Trump sexually abused and defamed E. Jean Carroll.

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May 12, 2023

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