Episode 94: Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Andrew interviews Brendan about an article he has drafted, tentatively titled “The Dystopian Promise of the Artificial Intelligence Industry.” Brendan explains why the recent hype about artificial intelligence (AI) concerned him enough to research the matter and write an article on it. Distinguishing between programs that reason (“artificial general intelligence”) and “generative AI,” which generates text, audio, and images, he explains why the capabilities of generative AI have recently taken a leap forward. He and Andrew discuss various dangers of both kinds of AI, including job loss, misinformation, and use of AI in cyber-security and warfare. Finally, they discuss whether successful regulation of the development and use of AI is feasible—in principle, and under capitalism.

Plus current-events segment: D.C. intelligence cop’s collusion with Proud Boys, and law-enforcement’s lack of preparedness to counter right-wing domestic terrorism generally. A Politico essay by Steven Simon and Jonathan Stevenson is cited during the segment.

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May 26, 2023


  1. Andrew, This is just a comment and I am not trying to stroke you.
    I was listening to your comments related to A.I. You are one brilliant person my friend.
    I mean that sincerely. All your comments were so on point.

    Thxs again for your insights.

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