Episode 60: The Jan. 6 Fascist Insurrectionists: Enemy of Jacobin’s Enemy

Brendan and Andrew critically review, and provide an alternative to, Jacobin writers’ soft-on-fascist-insurrection discourse: sympathy for insurrectionists facing prosecution who weren’t “personally violent,” foregrounding of their “anti-government” sentiment and alleged economic distress while concealing the racism, xenophobia, and “great replacement” thinking that motivate them, facile comparison of the January 6 insurrection with radical protest, and––of course!––shifting the blame to “neoliberalism” and the Democratic Party. How does this help to advance Jacobin’s politics … and what does that tell us about its politics?

The co-hosts discuss pieces in Jacobin by Branko Marcetic, David Sirota, and Daniel Bessner and Ben Burgis, and statements by Burgis in podcasts and a Platypus-sponsored panel that was discussed in a previous RFH episode. They also summarize and discuss the empirical evidence––recently published by political scientist Robert Pape and colleagues––on who the Capitol insurrectionists actually are and what actually drives pro-insurrection thinking. During the discussion, reference is made to the advice sung by Ariana Grande in the Adam McKay/David Sirota film, “Don’t Look Up,” and to Jean-Paul Sartre’s discussion of the use of words on pages 13 and 14 of Anti-Semite and Jew.

This episode includes no distinct current-events segment because the whole episode has a current-events focus.

As noted in the episode, the public is invited to a discussion of MHI’s new statement, “Capitalism and the Ecological Crisis.” The discussion will take place by Skype, on Jan. 30, 1-3 pm Eastern Standard Time (6-8 pm in the UK). Write a few lines about yourself and what interests you about MHI and send to mhi@marxisthumanistinitiative.org by Jan. 22.

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January 21, 2022

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