Episode 64: Ukraine Fights for National Self-Determination Against Russian Imperialism

Anne Jaclard of Marxist-Humanist Initiative joins the co-hosts to discuss the organization’s March 7 editorial, “Ukraine Fights for National Self-Determination Against Russian Imperialism.” Topics include: (1) the right of national self-determination; (2) Putin’s repudiation of this right to justify his imperialist invasion of Ukraine; (3) slaughter of Ukrainian civilians and displacement of millions; (4) opposition to the invasion within Ukraine, within Russia, and around the world; (5) “left” apologetics––blaming the US and NATO, support for a multi-polar capitalist order, and the effort to impose forced neutrality on Ukraine; (6) the nuclear threat; and (7) the relationship between Putinism and Trumpism. A previous RFH episode on national self-determination is referred to during the discussion.

Current-events segment, also on Ukraine: interview with Daniel Randall on “Unite the Left to Defend Ukraine,” an appeal by the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty.

Because this special episode is being aired ahead of schedule, Episode 65 is slated for release on March 25.

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March 13, 2022


  1. Kliman always cries and complains about others not engaging with his work, yet here he is not engaging with other people’s work. He never invites anyone who disagrees with him on these shows. Every single one of his guest agrees with him.

  2. Jordan Mckay’s claim that RFH only has guests who agree with co-host Andrew Kliman is factually incorrect. RFH has had many episodes featuring people who disagree with the hosts. This has made for some lively debates. Among these are two episodes with Ben Burgis and other discussions on his work; one with Ted Reese, who defends Grossmann and Cohen against Andrew’s analysis of them; two episodes with Patrick Murray.

    Mckay ought to withdraw his comment, and if he actually has some other complaint about RFH or its hosts, he should state what it is.

  3. We invited Noam Chomsky to come on the podcast to discuss his position on Ukraine but he refused. If you want to write to him and encourage him to change his mind, please do so. We would welcome the discussion. We also reached out to many Grossmanites offering them to engage with us about Kliman’s critique of Grossman but none accepted. Many would rather stay in their own silos than to risk their reputation dealing with dissent from within the left.

  4. I don’t unilaterally make decisions about who to invite on the podcast. But I’d also love for Jordan Mckay to come on the show and discuss with us his claim that “Every single one of [Kliman’s] guest agrees with him.” And after that, we can discuss the morality and practical effects of silencing criticism by refusing to engage with it. And discuss whether he should support the struggle against such suppression, instead of abetting the suppression by characterizing the fightback as crying and complaining.

    How about it, Jordan Mckay?

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