Help Support May Day 2012 in Haiti!


Help Support May Day 2012 in Haiti!

[Note added May 15, 2012:  B. O. reports that the May Day strike was so important to the workers, and so feared by the bosses, that the SONAPI sweatshops closed their doors to keep the workers inside, and offered to pay them 500 gdes or US $12.00 for the day, as opposed to the usual US $3.00 a day.]

Batay Ouvriye, (Worker’s Struggle,, a labor movement in Haiti, is planning a series of activities to commemorate International Worker’s Day (May Day), 2012.

The objectives of these activities are to:

  • Continue to build the workers federation known as May First Trade Union Federation/BO.
  • Reinforce the combative capacity of the trade unions inside BO (so that members are better prepared to fight for worker’s interests).
  • Plan a national meeting of all union delegates.
  • Elect the new executive committee of the newly formed union SOTA/BO. (Sendika Ouvriye Tekstil ak Abiman, Creole for Textile and Clothing Workers’ Union).
  • Organize a march on May Day in Port-au-Prince.
  • Organize marches throughout Haiti of sweatshop factory workers, peasants, and agricultural workers.

To organize these series of events, urgent funding is needed and we ask for your financial support and solidarity. It is not easy for workers to organize themselves across great distances in a land which is constantly attacked by natural disasters, foreign intervention, and brutal regimes. The Haitian workers, who are constantly in danger of repression, ask for your help and support. Any contribution which you can make will benefit Haitian workers in their struggle to better their conditions. Thank you for your help!

Please send contributions to PayPal account of supporter Stephanie McMillan at
or enter her e-mail address at

Please specify that funds are for B.O.

Signed by Yannick Etienne, BATAY OUVRIYE

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