Kliman to Speak on Ongoing Trumpist Threat in Zoom Seminar

by MHI

Marxist-Humanist writer and economist Andrew Kliman will speak next Thursday, May 20 (Wednesday, May 19 in the Western hemisphere), on “Combatting the Ongoing Trumpist/White-Nationalist Threat: Marxist-Humanism vs. the Anti-Neoliberal ‘Left.’” Kliman’s talk will put forward main themes of Marxist-Humanist Initiative’s recent Perspectives theses, updated to reflect new challenges we face in the aftermath of the Trumpites’ January 6 Capitol insurrection. Open discussion will follow the talk.

The seminar will be held by Zoom and moderated by Vladimir Tikhonov of Oslo University. It is being being hosted by the SSK Research Team of Gyeongsang National University, South Korea, as part of its “2021 SSK Global Marxism” series.

Anyone may participate in the seminar, without registering in advance, by clicking on the open Zoom link https:///tuney.kr/H5hdbu . It will also be streamed live at https://www.facebook.com/watch/gnumarx/ , and the hosting organization intends to release a video of the seminar in the near future.

The event will start at 10 am, Seoul time, on May 20. That is 9 pm on May 19 on the East Coast of the US, 6 pm on the West Coast, 3 am in Western and Central Europe, 2 am in the UK, et cetera.


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