Audio: Andrew Kliman on the Communist Manifesto (Two-Part “Alpha to Omega” Podcast Program)

by MHI

On June 16, 2018, Tom O’Brien interviewed Andrew Kliman of Marxist-Humanist Initiative on Karl Marx’s Manifesto of the Communist Party (popularly known as the Communist Manifesto). Kliman stressed the contemporary relevance of the 1848 Manifesto’s internationalist, self-emancipatory perspective.

Their hour-and-a-half discussion will appear as a two-part program in O’Brien’s podcast series, “From Alpha to Omega.” Part 1 has just been put online here. (This article will be updated to include a link to Part 2 when it goes online, on or around June 24.)

[Editor’s note, June 25: Part 2 of the discussion is now online here.]

In the near future, “From Alpha to Omega” will also carry a discussion between Kliman and O’Brien on the myth of middle-class income stagnation in the US, and the centrality of this myth to anti-neoliberal “left” accommodation to Trumpist reaction.


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