Reconsidering Marxist-Humanist Perspectives for a “Trumpism After Trump” World

by MHI

Marxist-Humanist Initiative’s current Perspectives theses consist of Resisting Trumpist Reaction (and Left Accommodation): Marxist-Humanist Initiative’s Perspectives for 2018, and several supplementary documents we have adopted since 2018. These Perspectives focused crucially on how to combat Trumpism while Donald Trump was US president.

The situation today is somewhat different, in that he is no longer president. Yet Trumpism continues to be a dire threat. Trump has continued to insist that he really won the 2020 election; there is mass endorsement of this Big Lie among Trump’s base; he incited the fascistic January 6 Capitol Insurrection attempt; and we are experiencing an all-out assault on the right to vote by Republican-controlled states and the Supreme Court.

In light of this somewhat-changed, somewhat-unchanged, situation, we are reconsidering our current Perspectives, working out how to further develop them and, possibly, modify them. How do we fight Trumpism-after-Trump on Marxist-Humanist ground–not as an end-in-itself, as important as this fight is, but in a manner that advances the struggle for a new human society?

Several Marxist-Humanists have prepared their contributions to this discussion for publication, so that we can share them with the public. All of them were first submitted for a July 25, 2021 discussion on reconsidering MHI’s Perspectives mid-year. You can read these contributions by clicking on the links below.

Brendan Cooney, On the Politics of Climate Action, Reaction, and Crisis

Anne Jaclard, Trumpism, Capitalism, Racism and Misogyny Still Imperil the US

Ralph Keller, Europe’s Response to the Ongoing Covid-19 Crisis—a Normalisation of Trumpism?

Andrew Kliman, MHI’s Perspectives on the Trumpite Threat, in Light of Post-Election Developments

Aaron Williams, Reconsidering Resisting Trumpist Reaction (and Left Accommodation)

We welcome and encourage comments on these pieces. We also encourage members of the public to submit article-length discussions of Marxist-Humanist Perspectives (please send them to ).

cover of 2018 Perspectives, _Resisting Trumpist Reaction (and Left Accommodation)_

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