Video: MHI Panels at Left Forum Conference—Confronting Right & “Left” Authoritarianism, Confronting Trumpism

by MHI

On June 30, Marxist-Humanist Initiative (MHI) hosted two panels at the Left Forum conference, which took place at the Brooklyn, New York campus of Long Island University. The panels focused on perspectives for confronting Trumpism and, more broadly, for confronting the resurgence of authoritarianism—both the right-wing and “left-wing” (pro-Stalinist) varieties.

Panelists included Eric Andrian, Brendan Cooney, Anne Jaclard, Andrew Kliman, Adam Plante, Jason Stanley (author of How Fascism Works), and Bill Weinberg.


The first panel was “Confronting the Resurgence of Authoritarianism, Right and ‘Left.’” The panelists and their presentations were (in order):

Eric Andrian: “Identifying and Fighting Authoritarianism in the UK: the Case of the Brexit Party”

Anne Jaclard: “Both Times as Tragedy: the Resurgence of Stalinism among Today’s ‘Left’ Youth”

Bill Weinberg: “The Consensus Position of the American ‘Left’ is Pro-Fascist: What Do We Do About It?”

Jason Stanley: “Fascism and Immigration”

Andrew Kliman: “Obama-Trump Voters: Rebelling Against Neoliberalism, or Embracing Authoritarianism, Racism, and Misogyny?”

The second panel was “How Do We Confront Trumpism Now, and Going Forward?: Marxist-Humanist Perspectives.” The panelists and their presentations were (in order):

Brendan Cooney: “More Green. Less New Deal.”

Anne Jaclard: “Trumpism’s Active and Passive Support by the So-called Left”

Adam Plante: “To Defend and Transcend Liberal Democracy”

Andrew Kliman: “Combatting White Nationalism: Lessons from Marx”

The complete videos of the panels are below. They include opening remarks by the chairs of the sessions and representatives of MHI, the panelists’ presentations, and the discussion from the floor that followed.

During the second panel, there was a spirited and probing discussion of the differences between defeating Trump and defeating Trumpism.

We face numerous dangerous opponents today—Trumpism, other manifestations of right-wing authoritarianism, self-proclaimed “left” currents that accommodate Trumpism, and resurgent Stalinism. Since we are compelled to fight on many fronts at once, is imperative that our battle against all of them be maximally effective. We therefore strongly encourage you to post comments on the video below this article and to engage in a dialogue with us.

Confronting the Resurgence of Authoritarianism, Right and “Left”

How Do We Confront Trumpism Now, and Going Forward?: Marxist-Humanist Perspectives


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