Video: Kliman Debates Libertarian Andrea Mays, Discusses Alternatives to Capitalism

 by MHI

Podcaster Sean Matthew King has just released two video podcasts featuring Andrew Kliman, the Marxist-Humanist economist.
In the first podcast, Kliman and Andrea Mays debate libertarianism and socialism. Mays, a libertarian, teaches economics at California State University–Long Beach, and is the author of a book about Henry Folger’s quest for Shakespeare’s First Folio.

The podcast was recorded in December 2019. In his August 4, 2020 explanation of why its release was delayed, King wrote, “I was hoping we could have a second conversation before publishing the first, because our first was a bit rocky and we didn’t cover as much ground as I’d hoped to. Perhaps that conversation will happen, but I’ve decided to publish this one now regardless.”

Kliman noted that he has repeatedly and enthusiastically agreed to participate in the proposed “second conversation.” He also suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic is an apt time to focus on the threat of libertarianism: “The US is crawling with deplorables who insist on the ‘liberty’ to spread the virus through their maskless orifices, threatening the lives of the rest of us, especially people of color and city dwellers; and Trump and his lackeys have been goading them on. This is a near-perfect test case of libertarianism in practice.”

1st Podcast: “Economics Professors Debate Capitalism”

The first podcast concluded when, having arrived at her train station, Mays left the discussion. Kliman and King continued to talk for another hour and a quarter. This impromptu second podcast focused largely on alternatives to capitalism.

2nd Podcast: “Alternatives to Capitalism”

The debate with Mays was Kliman’s second public debate with a libertarian. In September, 2016, he debated well-known libertarian economist Per Bylund at an event in Stockholm.



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