Audio: Kliman on “The ‘Stagnant Pay’ Myth & Capitalist Production”

Geoffrey McDonald and Andrew Kliman gave presentations during the “Dimensions of the Crisis and Labor” panel that took place on May 8 at the Historical Materialism NYC conference. This audio recording includes their presentations as well as the stimulating and spirited discussion that followed.

Since only two papers were presented, the discussion period lasted more than an hour. The bulk of it concerned Kliman’s presentation. During his replies to questions and comments, he displayed a quotation, several graphs, and a table from his forthcoming book. The discussion period begins approximately fifty minutes after the start of the recording.

Click here to download the audio recording or listen it here:


McDonald’s presentation was entitled “The Cry for Jobs: An Absurd and Brutal Affirmation of Labor’s Subordination to Capital.” Kliman’s presentation was entitled “The ‘Stagnant Pay’ Myth and the Persistent Frailty of Capitalist Production.” For video recordings of similar presentations by Kliman, click here or here.

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