Video: “Temporal Value Theory at a Moment of Capitalist Crisis”

The Marxist-Humanist Initiative sponsored and participated in several panels and events at the Rethinking Marxism conference in Amherst, MA, from November 5-8, 2009. Video from a series of sessions, Temporal Value Theory at a Moment of Capitalist Crisis, sponsored by the Marxist-Humanist Initiative and Critique of Political Economy at Rethinking Marxism is now available. Special thanks to Brendan Cooney for the video recordings.

Pedagogical Workshop

November 7, 2009. A workshop on the Temporal Single System Interpretation (TSSI) of Marx’s value theory with Alan Freeman and Andrew Kliman.

Watch the video.


Dialogue on the Economic Crisis

November 7, 2009. A roundtable on the economic crisis featuring David Calnitsky (Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison) on “Capitalist Competition, Self-Organization, and Crisis”; Brendan Cooney (Kapitalism 101 video blogger) on “Crisis, Value, and Marx’s “Order of Operations”; Radhika Desai (Political Studies, University of Manitoba) on “The Demand Problem in the Current Crisis: Marxist and Keynesian Reflections”; Alan Freeman (Visiting Scholar, University of Manitoba) on “How did 1929 end?”; and Andrew Kliman (Department of Economics, Pace University – Pleasantville) on “Contradictions of Capitalism’s Value Production: Internal, Inevitable, Insuperable.”

Watch the video.

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