MHI hails drive for freedom & democracy in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen

MHI supports the widespread aspirations of the masses throughout the Middle East for freedom from want as well as freedom from their rulers. It is no surprise to see the uprisings spread from country to country among people who suffer from lack of jobs, housing, and other basic necessities. We hope the ongoing rebellions will bring about real change rather than merely new faces in power or concessions to an expanded middle class that leave the capitalist and even feudal relations in place for the vast majority of people in the region.

We stand behind those workers, women, and youth who want a completely different way of life. We stand in opposition to the highjacking of their movements by either the CIA or political Islamists. And we do not minimize the possibility of widespread war in the region, even nuclear war, that could threaten the whole world.

We hope that, at the least, the forces for freedom in the current movements can secure improvements in the lives of the poor within secular states with full rights for women. And we urge Americans to prepare to fight to stop the U.S. and its allies from enforcing the status quo at the expense of the Middle Eastern people.

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