Urgent Appeal to Help East Africans Survive Famine

MHI just received the following information from a friend. If you would like to make a donation through our friend, you can use the donation page of this website, indicating it is for relief.  Or you can donate through the websites of the following organizations that are working in North Eastern Kenya and in Somalia: Red Cross, World Food Program, World Vision and Mercy Corps.–Editors

Today, I spoke to my family about the famine that is currently raging in Eastern Africa: Somalia is hard hit, as well as Ethiopia and Kenya. The situation is devastating. Drought compounded with high food prices, armed conflict, and abject poverty have left many without food and water. The government of Kenya and international humanitarian agencies are trying to help in areas that are particularly hard hit. Unfortunately, many people are not receiving the help they need and are ultimately succumbing to death.

Photos of food distribution courtesy of the author of this appeal for contributions through MHI.

I am writing to alert you about this situation and to ask for your help. I do not know how much we can do, but I know that I want to save lives–even if it means only having the ability to save one or two.
In addition to its own people, Kenya is experiencing a high influx of refugees from Somalia. My family is working with a church to provide food to people who are starving. If you are able to help, I would ask that you please do. You can provide assistance through charitable organizations working in the region, or through my family. Your support is deeply appreciated.


  1. UPDATE received Aug 22:

    I thought I would bring you up-to-date with the famine in East Africa. On August 5th, we distributed food to 200 families in Kaptembwa near Nakuru. Many of the recipient families did not have any other source of food or income. Because of your generosity, they were given maize (corn) and beans. This very basic food will last 2-4 weeks. Next week, the church will be distributing food in another village. We will keep doing this as long as we are able. The church will send a report with the total bags of maize and beans purchased with the funds you contributed. So far, we have raised $2,560.00 and we are grateful for the contribution which is keeping families struck by tragedy alive. My hope is that we will be able to raise more funds, so that we can also distribute micronutrient-rich food, especially to pregnant women, children, and the elderly. As you have seen in the news, this is the worst famine East Africa has experienced in 60 years.

  2. REPORT detailing the distribution of aid by the Director of the Okoa Maisha Upendo na Tumaini Foundation in Kenya, received by MHI December 2011.

    PLEASE consider a contribution!
    Thank you so much for your continued support. This is the second phase of the Okoa Maisha Upendo na Tumaini feeding program.

    Through the chiefs and community elders, we were able to identify the most needy cases since they knew their community members well. Through door to door Evangelism, we learnt that most of them not only needed food but also other basic needs like medical care, education for the children clothes and bedding.

    The most affected are the children, who are dependent on their parents, who unfortunately are not able to provide a decent life for their children. It is at this point that Okoa Maisha together with your support comes in and saves a life.

    Some of the children are orphans their parents having died of HIV/AIDS. A number of the older kids have to take care of their younger siblings.

    We managed to reach over 200 families at Nakuru West Ndarugu Slums. We plan to have a third phase of the program on the Eve of Christmas 2011.

    The 6 bags of maize left during the first phase were distributed in the slums during our door to door visits before the 2nd phase as done.

    Below is the budget breakdown

    1. Maize 20 bags @ 3,300 66,000
    2. Beans 2 bags @ 6,000 12,000
    3. Media coverage 10,000
    4. Transport 5,000
    5. Airtime 2,000
    TOTAL 95,000

    Thank you once again for your continued and generous support.

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