Video: MHI Panel at Jacobin/Historical Materialism Conference: “Fighting Trumpism and Left Accommodation”

by MHI

On April 13, a panel sponsored by Marxist-Humanist Initiative (MHI)––“Fighting Trumpism and Left Accommodation”––took place at the “Socialism in Our Time” conference in Manhattan, New York City. The conference was organized by Jacobin and Historical Materialism, organs of the anti-neoliberal “left.”

The complete video of the session is below. It includes the opening remarks by Anne Jaclard of MHI, the five presentations, and the ample discussion from the floor that followed. The presentations addressed left populism and the Green New Deal, the fight to preserve and transcend liberal democracy, left Brexiteers and their attitudes to immigration, Marx’s struggle against white nationalism, and the battle against the soft-on-Trump, accommodationist “left.”

It is imperative that resistance to Trumpism, and to self-proclaimed “left” currents that accommodate Trumpism, be maximally effective. We therefore strongly encourage you to post comments on the video below this article and to engage in a dialogue with us.

The presentations appear in the following order:

  • Brendan Cooney, “Some Criticism of the Populism Behind the Green New Deal”
  • Adam Plante, MHI: “To Defend and Transcend Liberal Democracy”
  • Chris Gilligan, University of the West of Scotland: “Left Brexiteers Accommodate Anti-immigrant Hostility”
  • Andrew Kliman, Pace University and MHI: “Combatting White Nationalism: Lessons from Marx”
  • Anne Jaclard, MHI: “Two Wrongs Make Up the Right Today”




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