Youth Lead Massive Climate Protests in 185 Countries, Citing Adult Inaction

by MHI Youth Participant

On September 20, nearly the entire world took part in the largest climate protest, and the most international protest in human history. Everywhere—everywhere—participated: New York, New Delhi, Turkey, Thailand, Senegal, Sao Paulo, Paris, Papua New Guinea. In total, an estimated 185 (out of 195) countries participated in the student-led outcry against the coming climate catastrophe, kicking off a week of events worldwide.

In New York City, a quarter-million people marched from Foley Square to Battery Park, shutting down the heart of lower Manhattan. Signs in New York which read “There is No Planet B” were echoed a continent away—in Portuguese.

September 20 protest, New York City

Not only were youth were at the forefront of the marches, with science classes marching side-by-side and parents holding their little ones’ crayon-drawn signs, but many of the demonstrations around the globe were organized by youth themselves. “You’ll Die of Old Age, We’ll Die of Climate Change” was a common sign everywhere. Young people worldwide made one thing clear: if adults aren’t mature enough to act now, then youth will act.
September 20 protest, New York City


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